Scamps 2019

Scamps Heat

Dogs 18″ & under     Opi  McKay

Bitch over 18″   Ava  Abby

Dogs over 18″  Frank  Halling

Bitch 18″ under   Poppy  Straughan

Winner  Ava  Abby

Supreme Champion      Nell  O Brien

Reserve Supreme Champion  Ronnie  Mayo

Handling Classes

Junior Handling 7-10yrs                  with Missi the Moose

Junior Handling 11-16yrs  Kirk  with Ava

Top Junior Handler  Kirk with  Ava

Best Lady Handler   Sam Matthews   with  Blossom

Best Gentleman Handler Bobby  Blackmer  with Buddy

Top Adult Handler     Bobby Blackmer with Buddy

Show Classes

Best Juvenile    Blossom Matthews

Best Adult  Buddy  Blackmer

Best CMC Members Dog    Chase  Taylor

Best Members Bitch  Angel Abby

Best Veteran    Maggie  Baudrey

Best Super Veteran     Chloe Sumner

Handsomest Dog   Buddy Blackner

Prettiest Bitch     Izzy Pollard

Most Unique Looking Dog    Samson Roberts

Most Unique Looking Bitch  Juno  O Brien

Best Mover Dog   Ronnie Mayo

Best Mover Bitch   Lola Clarke

Best Coat Dog       Frank Halling

Best Coat Bitch  Hollie  Blackmer

Best in Show  Lola Clarke

Reserve Best in Show   Blossom Matthews

Rescue Awards

Best UK Rescue   Tina Pollard

Best Non UK Rescue  Maggie Baudrey

Best Rescued

Tina  Pollard

Best Trick   Mocca  Sparks

Best Biscuit Catcher  Tina Pollard