Recommended Reading

Andrea McHugh – How to have a happy dog.

Erica Peachy – Walking on a loose lead
Erica Peachy – Good dog
Erica Peachy – Good puppy

John Rogerson – Understanding your dog
John Rogerson – Training your dog
John Rogerson – Be your dogs best friend
John Rogerson – Training your dogs best friend

Katie Patmore – So your children want a dog

Peter Neville – Dog behaviour explained

Gwen Bailey – Leading the pack
Gwen Bailey – The perfect puppy

John Fisher – Think Dog
John Fisher – Dogwise
John Fisher – Why does my dog

Hazel Palmer – The behaviour effects of canine castration

Desmond Morris – Dog Watching

Jana Murphy – The Secret Lives of Dogs

Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse & Jan Walker – Dog Tricks Step by Step

Dr Bruce Fogle – K.I.S.S guide to living with a dog.

For further details about these books please send a SAE to

Association of Pet Behaviour Councellors
P.O Box 46
WR8 – 9YS

or contact the Association of Pet Dog trainers for their recommended reading list