I Want a Dog

It is easy to say I want a dog, but how can you prove to your Mum and Dad that you are ready to be a dog owner.

Sometimes parents don’t think their children are ready for a dog yet.

How many times have you demanded a new toy because all your friends have one, only to get bored with it and forget about it?

You cannot do this with a dog it is a living animal that relies on you to care for it for the rest of its life. Are you ready for such a responsibility?

How can you show your parents that you are growing up and able to handle more responsibility. Below are some things you can do to show them that you are responsible and ready for a pet.

  • Ask your parents for a daily job to do around the house and show them you can do this job without being moaned at or reminded to do it, try and keep this up for six months.
  • Do your homework on time and show that you can take responsibility to do it without being reminded or found playing computer games instead.
  • Look out for opportunities to show you care and can help family, friends or neighbours around you.
  • Visit the library and borrow a book on dog breeds and dog care or visit breed and dog care websites on the internet and decide what type of dog you would like and then write about the breed and find out all you can about it.
  • Find out how much a dog costs to feed and have regular vaccinations each year.
  • Find out what equipment you will need to keep a dog.
  • Find out where your nearest APDT dog trainer is and ask how much basic dog/puppy training is. Ask if you can attend a lesson with your parents to understand how much time and effort is needed to train a dog.
  • Ask your local dog trainer advice about the breed of dog you like.
  • Keep a record in an exercise book to show your parents the research you have done.
  • Find out information about the different sports and activities you could do as a hobby with your dog. Look out for dog clubs offering these sports and find out the costs.
  • Plan a weeks timetable to show how you are going to fit being a dog owner into your week and take part in activities with your dog.
  • Finally sit down with your parents and discuss the list on “Are you ready for a dog”

But remember, your parents may have some very good reasons why they don’t want a dog. You’ll have to respect their decision in the end.