How Do I Find a Crossbreed or Mongrel Dog?

  1. The friend: who has not had their dog castrated or spayed and has ended up with a litter of puppies. Be careful, is this a deliberate mating for money or an accident!!
  2. Free to good home: why? are you inheriting someone else’s problem. When visiting observe the dog in the home environment and out in the park or street. Take an experienced dog handler with you to help ask questions and observe the dog in a detached way.
  3. Ask at your local veterinary practice, if an unwanted litter of puppies are due to be born the vet may know about them or may know of a dog requiring a new home.
  4. Enquire with your local dog warden in your council area and at others, you will find them under Environmental Health.
  5. Ask at your local dog training centres for help and advice.
  6. Reputable rescue centres, you can find them in the yellow pages.
  7. Ask local people you pass who have mixed breeds where they got their dogs from can they recommend a good rescue centre.
  8. Rescue Centre websites can offer information about mixed breeds requiring homes. Or general dog rescue sites giving you links to charities
  9. Dog magazines like Dogs Today often have rescue and welfare sections listing details of dogs needing homes.

Avoid small newspaper adverts, taking on a dog that another family advertises can be fraught with problems (see No.2 ).

Do not let your heart rule your head. Ensure all the family want this dog.