Aims & Rules of the Club & Show Rules


  • Promotion of that owning a crossbreed or mongrel is something to be proud of and that they are not inferior to pedigree dogs nor superior but equally loving, fun to own, useful canines in their own right.
  • A social group to make new friends in your area and nationally with similar interests.
  • Promotion of responsible ownership.
  • To encourage junior members (16 and under) to take part in club activities and promotion of dog welfare.
  • Advice and encouragement to members and those thinking of getting a crossbreed or mongrel, especially a rescued dog that might prove difficult in training or socialisation.
  • Development of our own type of local dog shows restricted to crossbreeds and mongrels only, with a national show once a year.
  • Fundraising for small local dog rescue charities.
  • To gather voluntary information on members dogs for use as a reference service available to all members.



  • Membership of the club is open to anyone (with or without a dog/s) with an interest in supporting crossbreeds & mongrels.
  • Any member found guilty of mistreatment of a dog will be barred from the club and all club activities and shows.
  • Voting at AGM’s shall only be by full members.
  • Members will be courteous and friendly at all times.
  • Check chains are not recommended except within the confines of training establishments under professional supervision
  • Membership cards must be shown at all full CMC shows. Failure to show your membership card will result in you being charged as a non-member.
  • Any member showing disrespect towards a judge or other competitors will be disqualified from the show.


* The show manager reserves the right to refuse entry to dogs not considered a

crossbreed or mongrel other than stated below. Please bring vaccination certificate

in case verification is required

*  All dogs must be wearing collars and ID tags as required by law.

*  No bitches in season

*  Dogs must be kept on lead and under control at all times, unless a class entered

requires otherwise.

*  Owners will be held responsible for any damage caused by their dog/s & must

clean up after their dog/s.

*  Pedigree dogs without papers are not accepted as crossbreeds.

*  It is not allowed for any dog/s to be left unattended in vehicles for excessive

lenghts of time. If a dog is thought to be in distress in a vehicle force may be

used to free it.

* Puppies under 6 months of age may not enter shows but are welcome to

socialise providing they are fully vaccinated.

*  Jack Russell types are allowed to enter shows except the Parsons Jack Russell

which is classed as a pedigree, (pedigree class entry allowed)

*  The club recognises Lurchers as crossbreeds.

*  All competitors must act in a sporting and respectful manner to each other and

to the judge and stewards at all times, anyone found not doing so will be asked

to leave the show.

*  The Judges decision is final.

*  If your dog/s as been treated for a infectious condition within  9 weeks prior to

the date of the show please do not bring it to show venue.

    For further information please e-mail the CMC Chairperson at: