About CMC

Introduction to the Crossbreed and Mongrel Club

The Crossbreed and Mongrel Club was founded by Mrs. Elizabeth Colley of Lincoln and Mr. Ian Merrick of Colchester together with other crossbreed and mongrel enthusiasts in January 1994. It continues to be the only national club dedicated to the Crossbreed and Mongrel Dog.The CMC was set up by non-pedigree dog owners who wanted a club that appreciated the uniqueness of their own type of dog and that recognised they are something to be proud of and neither inferior nor superior to pedigrees but equally loving, fun to own and useful in their own right. The CMC is also keen to dispel the myth that all owners of crossbreeds and mongrels are irresponsible.The CMC is not anti-pedigree dogs. It simply believes that Crossbreeds and Mongrels are at least the match of their pedigree counterparts, hence the CMC’s slogan: ‘Crossbreeds and Mongrels, not second class but first rate’.

Membership of the CMC is spread the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Local Contact Points complement the National structure to encourage members to meet with fellow Crossbreed and Mongrel owners and to participate in various activities. The CMC is not just for adults – junior members have their own activities and classes at the CMC’s shows as well as being involved in all CMC activities.

The CMC has developed and runs its own type of Crossbreed and Mongrel Dog Shows which are all held around the country in aid of local and national charities. The CMC dog show classes are restricted to crossbreed and mongrel dogs except for a few open fun classes which take place after the restricted classes. Whilst the emphasis is on fun and there is always a happy atmosphere, the CMC believes in the dignity of the dog and does not have classes such as ‘Scruffiest Dog’ or ‘Best lamp post user’. The shows include a ‘SCAMPS’ Heat (Heats are also held at unlicensed Fun Dog Shows). Heat classes are judged for ‘Best Bitch or Dog (both under and over 18 inches in height)’ and ‘Best in Show’. Show classes include ‘Best Junior Handler’ and there are fun classes, but these build on the dog’s natural instincts and training such as ‘Retrieve a Sausage’ and ‘Best Biscuit Catcher’. The culmination of the show year for the CMC is SCAMPS (Supreme Crossbreed and Mongrel Petdog Show) held annually in September when winners of all the ‘SCAMPS’ Heats compete for the title of ‘Crossbreed and Mongrel Club Supreme Champion’.

It should be noted that non-members are always welcome at CMC Shows and our members are successful in non-CMC shows too.

The CMC maintains its own register of Crossbreed and Mongrel dogs, recording the crosses of the dogs, height, age, weight, whether re-homed or rescued and any health or social problems. This is a unique source of information available to all members.

‘Paws For Thought’ is the regular newsletter of the Club, promoting dog welfare and responsible ownership, education and fundraising for rescue centres and dog related charities. An annual sponsored walk for charity is held and members particularly enjoy the fun and social opportunities offered to dogs and their owners though the various camping weekends run by the Club. With a health advisor, training advisor and a contact point for questions on re-homing and caring for dogs the CMC is offering a growing range of services to its members.

The Crossbreed and Mongrel Club is open to all owners of crossbreed and mongrel dogs. If you would like to join the Club and take part in year-round activities with your chum, please fill in the membership application form send a stamped addressed envelope to:

To Mr J Colley   (Membership Secretary)

Raymar,  Welton Road


Lincoln LN2 2LU

Telephone: 01522 751576

or E-Mail Club Chairperson at: