Show Structure


The Crossbreed and Mongrel Club has developed its own form of dog show where the emphasis is on crossbreed and mongrel dogs. The CMC show is designed to be enjoyable for both the dogs and their owners. It is a social meeting of like minded individuals where the competition never gets too serious…

For a show to be held under the name of the “Crossbreed and Mongrel Club” it must conform to this format or they will not be recognised as a CMC show and winners will not be entitled to the benefits stated herein.


A local C.M.C show is open to all owners of crossbreed and mongrel dogs, the handlers do not have to be members. By not imposing this restriction we can introduce the CMC to the general public.

The national show known as SCAMPS (Supreme Crossbreed And Mongrel Petdog Show) is open to all owners of crossbreed and mongrel dogs, the handlers do not have to be members.
SCAMPS is held as part of the club’s Annual Rally giving owners the final opportunity to qualify for the Supreme Champion class which is held as the climax of our rally. All entries in the Supreme Champion class must be fully paid up members of the CMC.

The Annual Rally and SCAMPS is held on the middle weekend of September as an end to that years show season. The show season will therefore run from the end of SCAMPS to the next years SCAMPS.

(restricted to Crossbreed and Mongrel Dogs)

In order to qualify for entry to the “Supreme Champions” class at SCAMPS a dog must have won a SCAMPS heat. Various SCAMPS heats are held throughout the show year. Because of the wide variation in dog types it was decided that in order to make the choosing of the winner fairer and more consistent for judging we would have FOUR set classes for crossbreeds and mongrels. From these classes a SCAMPS heat winner and a Reserve SCAMPS heat winner would be chosen. The SCAMPS heat winner qualifying for entry to the “Supreme Champions” class at SCAMPS at the end of the show year. The classes are:

Best Dog 18″ and under

Best Bitch 18″ and under

Best Dog over 18″

Best Bitch over 18″

The height of a dog is measured from the ground to the withers (part of the back above the front legs). The winner of each class enters the final line up, where they are judged to decide the SCAMPS heat winner and Reserve SCAMPS heat winner. The winners receives a trophy and/or rosette. The SCAMPS heat winner also receives a voucher which entitles the winner to free membership for one year. This is an incentive to non-members as you cannot enter your dog in the “Supreme Champion” class at SCAMPS unless you are a member. Should a current member win they also receive a voucher which they can use for next years membership or as a gift to introduce a friend to the club.

Normally the SCAMPS heat winner is entitled to go through to the “Supreme Champion” class at SCAMPS. The exception to this is: “If a SCAMPS heat winner cannot attend or has currently won a SCAMPS heat (within the current show year) then the Reserve SCAMPS heat winner qualifies for the class.”

Judging Guidelines: Heat classes are judged on the all round condition of the dogs, i.e. ears, eyes, coat, teeth, weight and temperament. A dog should also be well handled and presented. The SCAMPS heat winner is the dog that meets this criteria the closest.

(restricted to Crossbreed and Mongrel Dogs)

Show organizers must hold a minimum of seven approved show classes from the following list:

Best Puppy (6-12 months)
A happy and healthy puppy, with the owner in control in a way appropriate to the age of the dog.

Best Dog/Bitch (1-3 years)

Best Dog/Bitch (4-6 years)

Best Condition
These classes are judged on the dogs/bitches all round condition and health.

Best Veteran (7 years or over or 7-10 years)
Judge is looking for a well looked after veteran with either style, character or dignity.

Super Veteran (11 years +)

Handsomest Dog
Judged on looks, personality of dog and friendliness on approach.
Prettiest Bitch
Judged on looks, personality of dog and friendliness on approach.

Best Coat Dog

Best Coat Bitch

Best Rescued
Judge is looking for a happy dog in reasonable condition depending on the length of time a dog and owner have been together. Judge may ask how the dog came to be rescued and award on merit and condition.

Most Unusual Looking Dog
Judge is looking for the dog that is different from the rest, unique and one of a kind.

Best Mover
A well balanced dog which moves around the ring in a manner befitting its size and style.

Best Brace
Looking for a matched pair of dogs in good condition, or for two dogs that compliment each other.

Best Members Dog
Judge is looking for the best dog or bitch in good condition, well handled and presented. The dogs owner must be a member of the CMC.

(restricted to Crossbreed and Mongrel Dogs)

The show organiser can hold any number of these skill events.

Best Junior Handler (7-10 years)

Best Junior Handler (11-16 years)

Best Lady Handler

Best Gentleman Handler (can be combined into one class Best Adult Handler)

Best Senior Handler (over 60 years)

Best Biscuit Catcher

Best Trick

Best Junior Handler of the Year: The winners of Junior Handler Classes 7-10 years & 11-16years qualify to attend SCAMPS to compete in the CMC Best Junior Handler of the year class at SCAMPS.

Judging Handling Classes: Handlers must be in full control of their dogs at all times and must be able to present the dog in a favourable way. The class is judged on your show handling skills. The dog must be well groomed and in good condition. However the Judge is not looking for a glamour dog, just well looked after.


Providing there is space and volunteers then the show can have all day skill events such as Fastest Recall, Fastest Retrieve a Sausage, Fastest Retrieve any article, Obedience and Scurry (an agility course without contact obstacles or weaves)

(open to all dogs)

These classes are not compulsory and do not take precedence over ANY OTHER CLASSES mentioned. No more than 4 classes can be held at any one show.

Best Pedigree of the Day

Dog with the Waggiest Tail

Best of Friends (owner and dog/dogs)

Dog with most appealing eyes

Dog most like owner

Most unusual brace

Fancy dress ( dog or dog and handler )

Dog the Judge would most like to take home

Haven’t won a prize all day


The show manager reserves the right to refuse entry to dogs not considered a crossbreed or mongrel other than stated below. Please bring vaccination certificate in case of verification is required.

All dogs must be wearing collars and identification discs.

Bitches in season are not allowed to visit any show.

Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times.

Owners will be responsible for any damage caused.

Owners must clean up after their dog.

The judges decision is absolutely final.

Crossbreed dogs ARE NOT pedigree dogs WITHOUT papers.

It is not allowed to leave any dog(s) unattended in vehicles for excessive lengths of time. If needed Force will be used to gain entry to a vehicle, with no liability to the club.

No puppies under 6 calendar months old on the day of the event can compete but are welcome to come along and socialise providing they are fully vaccinated.

A Crossbreed Dog is the result of a pure bred bitch mating with a pure bred dog of ANOTHER breed, or the mating of a crossbreed with a pure breed.

A Mongrel Dog is the result of a crossbreed dog mating with a crossbred dog.

Jack Russell types are allowed to enter show classes BUT this does not include the Parsons Jack Russell which is a breed recognised by the Kennel Club.

The Club recognises Lurchers as a crossbreed and allows them to enter show classes. The club also allows Trail Hounds to enter at shows,

Crossbreed & Mongrel dogs registered for working Trails & Obedience can enter shows & SCAMPS heats without objection by the Kennel Club.


Because some organisers do not want to hold a full CMC show (as outlined above) they can hold a Fun Dog Show which incorporates a SCAMPS heat. Permission must be granted from the clubs SCAMPS Secretary to hold a SCAMPS heat and ALL the rules applying to the SCAMPS heat must be adhered to.